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Learn your Soul Sign and Life Purpose with this personal Soul Astrology report based on your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.


Your Rising Sign (Ascendant) indicates your Soul's Path and Development, while your personality planets (Sun and Moon) show how the lens of your personality can be used for your Soul's full expression.  This report also includes what the lunar North Node means in terms of your personal spiritual development.

This Soul Astrology report gives a general overview of your Soul's essence (Rising Sign), and what is wanting to be expressed through the lens of your personality (Sun and Moon Signs). Your Soul Astrology helps you to understand WHAT you came to do in this lifetime, HOW you will do it, and WHY you experience some of the challenges that you do! 

The characteristics and energy dynamics of your Sun and Moon sign help you understand both sides of your ego-personality (which is fear-based), and what you can do to change habitual limiting patterns so you become free to align with your Soul’s essence. 

Your Soul Astrology shows how you are here to release the fear-based reactions of your personality, so you can BE more of the love-based expression of who you are. You are here to dance in the light of your soul!

Included in every Soul Astrology report are TWO BONUS articles: "transcending your personality signs" and "working with the Zodiac through the seasons". By observing shifts in your energetic field throughout the year you will come to a deeper understanding of the energetic relationships involved.

What's Included in each Soul Astrology report:

  • an overview of your Soul's essence and purpose
  • the energy dynamics of your personality - your Sun and Moon
  • how your lunar North Node lights your spiritual path
  • bonus material on transcending your personality
  • bonus material "The Zodiac Through The Seasons"

This is a short report based on the relationship between your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, which serves as a basis for understanding the principles of applying your Soul Path Astrology to your real-life situations (see sample report for approximate length). Ruth will briefly review your astrological chart personally and comment accordingly. 

Click the button for a sample Soul Sign-Life Purpose report:

This Soul Astrology report is an overview of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. This provides a foundation to introduce you to the principles of applying  Soul Astrology to your real-life situations. For a complete analysis of your chart from a Soul-Centered perspective consider a telephone consultation (below). Quick response - not automated. Ruth receives your order and responds personally. Your Soul Astrology report will normally be sent by email within 3 working days of the date that Ruth receives your birth details.*

Soul Sign / Life Purpose Report - $45 USD

Pay in any currency: payments are shown in US dollars and PayPal automatically converts to your local currency. Your report is in .pdf format and will be sent to you by email.

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