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“Thank you for a fascinating insight. Soul astrology definitely made sense of so many things for me... lots of 'aha' moments and the strange thing is that last October (2009) I had a magnificent meditation - the moon and the sun merged and I was overwhelmed by love. I have never been able to make sense of it before I was looking for external explanations but I think I see now that it was perhaps part of the integration process - my own.”

-Jude, England,UK

"I certainly enjoyed our time together on Saturday morning. I appreciate your teaching on Esoteric Astrology, and think it is a treasure for the planet."

- Jane, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“I really appreciate your articles, they contain a depth that isn't found through most astrologers (much loved by this Scorpio personality!). Thank you very much! I admit, it's hard to find the middle at times, especially now. Much thanks for your work, you have a special gift of making the astrology come alive to a beautiful dance.
Have a great day,”

-Mandy, Ontario, Canada

"This is amazing. Thank you so much, Ruth! Your words were spot on, and I finally understand why I have such a strong affinity for Sagittarians. I'm glad my friend recommended you :) "

- RC, England,UK

“Wow! ...have just read it [ Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report], and when I give healing my best option is to sit on the floor holding the persons feet and grounding them. They will not wobble with me at their feet lol, in my report I am "The Virgo Soul is somewhat like a Cosmic lightening conductor: here to ground higher spiritual energies into the planetary body" wow wow wow thank you!!!"

- SF, England, UK

"I love your work, I read your articles in Practising Midwife in 2001 and am now completing a Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching - took me 9 years to find the 'space' in my life, thank you Ruth for being part of my inspiration (I too am a midwife)."

- SW, New Zealand

"I have read most of Alice Bailey's books but they left me unfulfilled, almost like going round in a circle but never reaching the destination. However after several years I have been reading your writing about "Living Soul Astrology" ... it jumped out at me and the start of understanding AB's books seems to be happening!!"

- GT, England, UK

“I highly recommend Ruth as a discerning interpreter of esoteric astrology and her unique way of weaving its relevance into our daily living. It gives light to why we partner with the people and situations that we do. Many clients that I have referred to Ruth in this way, still to this day seek her service and value the insights and application of the information they received with wit, wisdom and soul.”

- Anya Sophia Mann, Founder and Editor, Life Coaching Magazine, USA.

"Thanks so much for taking the time and for being so concise with clarity... oh such perfect timing.... feels like I can understand this reading. Never could understand any other astrological reading before.
Thanks for doing what you are doing for us all, much love,"

- Joan, New Zealand

"Thank you so much for todays soul reading Ruth. It really helped me to understand so much more than a normal astro reading and I feel clearer and more focused now on the next steps to take along my souls journey. You have reawakened my love of astrology through your soul perspective!
Warmest Regards,"

- G.Y, England, UK

"You gave me a whole new perspective with your report."

- Z.E, Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Ruth … Woke up to my report in email and thank you, sincerely.  I've only read through once, tears falling all the while with recognition …
in appreciation,

- K.M, USA

"Dear Ruth... I wanted to let you know I have received your lovely work, and have already read it through once. I will study the papers again and again and read the additional links you provided. I have thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the vibratory flow of the reading, and thank you very much for your time and efforts on my behalf. Your fee is so reasonable!
Thank you again. Many warm blessings,"

- A.S, Alaska, USA

Just read your report and attached articles. It was so interesting! I have only superficial knowledge of astrology, and I never heard of the polarities, i.e. Scorpio/Taurus in my case, playing a part. Wonderful to learn something new! My son is a Taurus, by the way, so that made me understand our relationship better as well.
Thank you so much, Ruth!

- T.S, Germany

"I love the way you interpret, makes more sense to me than other astrology readings I have had. You clarified and right on with my wanting to go with the flow and approval instead of taking the lead."

- Patti, Massachussetts, USA

"Hi there Ruth, I found your website accidentally when I was searching for some astrological information and was pleasantly surprised how in depth and useful your information was. You go places where many astrologers do not. Thank you Ruth for the work/service and information you bring to those of us lucky enough to find your website.

- Marianne, Oregon, USA

Dear Ruth, I came across your articles on the Pisces-Virgo axis, yesterday. I only heard about this axis very recently. I am not an astrologer, so don't tend to think or express myself in those terms. However, they clarified much in my own mind, concerning my own journey and they were very well written, to boot (the Virgo in me likes that!). You have some very fascinating and enlightening articles, which are helping my own understanding of the mySelf. I am enjoying them very much! Thank you once again.

- Gary A, USA

Hi Ruth, Thank you so much for the soul astrology reading! I hope you don't mind me giving some feedback of the reading.

I thought the descriptions were extremely fitting and really resonated with me. I can't begin to tell you how literally accurate some of the descriptions were. For example, I was reading the paragraph on the Capricorn personality, which said that Capricorn is the sign of precision engineering. Well, my day job is currently as an engineer. I've always wondered why I chose this profession because I've known for some years now that this role is only temporary for me. While I like certain aspects of it, it's never felt quite right. But I suppose it does allow me to hone my abilities to be able to put ideas into reality and I must admit I am an extremely practical person.

Funnily enough, I am currently studying to be a clinical hypno-psychotherapist. I did not plan this at all! My eye was actually on studying other modes of holistic medicine but my journey has led me to this form of healing and I absolutely love it. As you said in the description, Aquarian souls are meant to use the skills of the mind to benefit humanity in some way. I am an extremely mental person, and I think you can't get more mental than being in a profession that deals with the mind. I also have a tendency to solitude, avoiding discordant energies and yes, there is a desire in me to be different, but being a therapist requires much interaction with others and I can see how this would allow me to learn the lessons of a libran personality and understanding the value of connection with others and the group.

I think it's so mindblowing because I also love science. As a hypno-psychotherapist, I think it will satisfy the need in me to integrate science and spirituality in a form that benefits others. The reading is really wonderful but also, I feel, a little eerie because of how perfectly my higher self seems to have orchestrated things and how things fit together so nicely, almost like I'm living a script. But it's reassuring to know that I am on track with my path and lessons and I am excited to see how things will evolve.

Thank you again for the reading!
Many thanks and blessings,

- C.Y, Perth, Western Australia

Your website and the information you provide are excellent! My daughter said she had never read a description of the Leo soul that resonated with her the way yours did. Thank you so much for the work you do!

- Charlotte, Ohio, USA

Hi Ruth, What a beyond inspiring experience for me… Thank you! I am so happy to have the recording.. from my heart of hearts..Thank you so much…"

- Denise P, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"Thank you soo much. I connected on all levels and even began to weep from the enlightenment I received, and mostly for confirmation of what I knew to be true. When something resonates on that level you know and understand it's the right thing, and for that I thank you. My soul is and was yearning for this stepping stone and the universe lead me to Anya then to you. Thank you for your time and your gift."

- Malissa, Indiana, USA

"Just to verify I've received your e-mail and attachments. I started reading already and HOLY, HOLY COW as of right now! And WOW! How do I get over believing events are coincidences instead of being part of the plan? Well, I've got some reading to do. THANK-YOU!"

- P.J, Michigan, USA

"Hi Ruth, I wanted to let you know how much I look forward to everything you send through, I am so grateful that I found you on-line, thank you,"

- D.G, Melbourne, Australia.

"I have studied Astrology peripherally for years as I know it is all important in studying one's lifetime journey; but understanding Astrology is complicated. Finding Ruth, and reading my own Soul Astrology has accelerated and clarified my understanding of my Life Path immensely!! The pairing of the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign made a huge difference- and I am so excited to go deeper into this perspective. Thank You Ruth!!!"

- Pat, Virginia, USA.

"Hi Ruth, What a beautiful, comprehensive, and articulate Soul Path Astrology Consultation you have provided me! Thank you so much. It Is clarifying and affirming many, many things for me. I am looking forward to working in depth with the information you have provided.
Many thanks."

- Catherine, ON, Canada.

"Dear Ruth, Yes I received the [Solar Return] report. Thank you so much. I attended a workshop by Mary Shea the last time Jupiter was in Cancer. I wanted you to know that my students just love the information you send out every month! I would just like to add that the solar return really resonated with things that are going on in my life now. I try to get a solar return every year and consult it often as the year progresses. This solar return report is well laid out and insightful.
Thank you!"

- Wade, Georgia, USA

"Wow, Ruth, that was fast and spot on! I knew the [ Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report] would be a confirmation of my journey. It felt like a gift I gave myself, a "graduation" present, although I know we are never "done," but will continue to expand and evolve into fuller expressions of our core essence! This report helped give me a better grasp of the language. My intention is to continue my studies in ancient wisdom and astrology so I can remember what I already deeply know! Intuitively I feel these truths, but reading them in print solidifies that inner knowing. Thank you again for your quick response and insightful report. I'm sharing this with my husband and hopefully he too will request a report.
Many blessings!"

- Kim, Florida, USA

"Good morning from California! It was such a pleasure to meet you and receive a Soul Astrology reading! It was amazing! I just downloaded the mp3 and will be listening to it very soon. Thank you so much. I am so glad I found you. I really enjoy your newsletters also.
Take Care,

PS I listened to the mp3 this morning and I love it even more. I am so happy to have it so I can listen to it often. There is such great information in my reading!"

- Taryn, California, USA

"Ruth,.. amazing report my dear. I feel like you have given me a game-plan to follow. I shall read the report many many times as inspiration,.. to follow the heart. I will cherish your insights. With sincere gratitude, Thank-you Ruth Hadikin!"

- Charles, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thanks so much for all of your wonderful articles, Ruth!! They're wonderful and I learn so much!! Your wonderful teachings are a benefit to everyone! Looking forward to more of your great articles and teachings,"

- Sheila, USA.

"I have received your report! Thank you very much it is spot on and exactly what I am going through. I am currently clearing old wounds, wanting to open my heart universally and trying to make right relationships through the heart and higher self. It has helped me to understand my journey much more.
Much gratitude and light, "

- Gillian, Perth, Western Australia.

"Just browsing through [the Soul Astrology/Life Purpose Report] has helped much already. You have confirmed for me what I have innately felt over the past several years. My whole life journey is now making sense and I see what I am here to do. Thank you for your easy to understand explanations, which are some of the best I’ve found, and I have read a lot of them. I find that many who teach esoteric wisdom, or the ageless wisdom, do so with uncommonly complex words or very lengthy explanations, which few have the attention span for. It’s like they’re trying to give you Calculus before you can even completely understand basic math, honestly I think this is one of the reasons why few people take to these deeper teachings. Anyway, I appreciate your deep teachings/wisdom/understanding explained in simple ways. Your videos have been very helpful as well, you may have influenced me enough to study Soul Astrology someday. :) "

- Ken, Illinois, USA

"Hi Ruth, Thanks again for the amazing reading! I can't tell you how true it rang for me. It was very moving. I actually got tears in my eyes a couple times. I felt deeply seen and really understood for the first time, and so many things about myself now make sense to me. And it's all exciting and good! Now for the task of transcribing all that information and really absorbing it. I'm sure I will be scheduling a follow-up session once I've done that! Thank you again!
Many blessings, "

- Beth, Texas, USA.

"Dear Ruth, Thank you, the download was successful. Thank you so much for your talent!! I am so happy you decided to walk this path and be here for myself, and others. We need you Ruth!! I will go forth in my life with so much more meaning. After our visit yesterday I felt such great contentment, and peace. You hit the notes. :) I am leaving next month for Mexico, and plan to use this time (2-3 months) for healing. Practice, practice, practice. You are a blessing. :)"

- A.B., California, USA.

"Hi Ruth, Your soul astrology reading has left me in deep reflection. It has confirmed and answered so much of what I was feeling inside but could not quite understand. It has brought so much clarity and insight for me.Having an understanding of past events, current and future has allowed me to let go and surrender more to my souls path. Its a relief really!! The inner turmoil I have carried around can now be at peace! Thank you so much for bringing your gift and soul work into the world. Love and Blessings,"

- Gillian, Perth, Western Australia.

"Dear Ruth, My recording arrived; Big gratitude for your gifted soul midwifery - what a difference you are making!
With love,"

- A.E., England, UK.

"Hello dear Ruth, Thank you for the wealth of precious information. Each time I read through, it goes deeper. All of what you shared with me is recognized and confirmed instinctively. As a Virgo soul, the wish to flow and follow the love of service to all has always given me the greatest joy and fulfillment.
Warm regards and gratitude,"

- Jonathan, Quebec, CANADA.

"Hi Ruth, I received the email and recording. I just want to say that I do appreciate your ability to relay this very intricate and vital information with a soft, well-understood and enthusiastic story-telling approach. You don’t just do some research and spill out the results, you intuitively and creatively sequence the components into a one-of-a-kind woven artwork of clarity and purpose.
Thank you- I have received."

- Carol, North Carolina, USA.

"Hello, dearest Ruth (a soul sister, for sure!)
I received the mp3 from you, and am listening to it now! I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, your love, your light, your joy! You know your stuff, for sure! A "master", if I may humbly say so!
Just wanted to add......there are times in our lives, where our flame goes out.....and we need to thank those who relight those flames......(paraphrased)......I would like to thank YOU for relighting my flame this morning! I've been in a little bit of a funk of late, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting me back up, for being the wind beneath my wings!
I am so honored to have connected with you! You are ahhhh....mazing!
With much Love, deepest appreciation, & lots of hugs,"

- Carol, Georgia, USA.

"I viewed your YouTube video on Scorpio rising and I was totally impressed. I just wanted to say thank you, Ruth. Although I don't know you, the information you shared was outstanding!"

- Woody, Virginia, USA.

"Perhaps the Soul has directed me to your site, and to acknowledge your service so compassionately and gratefully, for I had been longing all my 40-years life to connect with my own inner 'knowing and guidance'.

It was for that very reason that I started to finally "learn deeply the sciences of the universe”. Not from the perspective of personality ( the personality-based astrology actually put me off from investigating this science), but from the soul. And your site combined with Alan Oken's, is helping me enormously to finally and harmoniously find the resonance with my inner truths. Thank you for your service.
Kind Regards,"

- Basha, POLAND.

I have to tell you that this is by far the very best reading I have ever gotten. No one has ever addressed the kite formation in my chart, so I was really interested in hearing your analysis. Also you really put into words how I have always "felt" about the Moon, Mars, Pluto conjunction.
Thank you so much."

- Wade, Georgia, USA.

"Hi Ruth,
Thank you so much. Your work and support have already been so incredibly meaningful and immensely valuable. And how wonderful to know that the insights will continue to unfold for me, as I consider what you covered in the [Your Life's Journey] reading today, and follow the threads. It has also been an honor to share and receive such wisdom together on Anya's REAL Personal Power 365e Coaching program.
Warm wishes,"

- Dana, Massachusetts, USA.

"Hi Ruth,
Absolutely love this read, Ruth! Being a Rising Gemini, (Sun-Virgo, Moon-Cap), the driving issue of duality has been with me all of my life! I so love how you termed it, "marriage" of the head and the heart!!! So, so true! It all came home to roost while going through my 2nd Saturn return.....my North Node in Sag is conjunct my Natal Saturn in Scorpio in that 6th house! Whew!!!!!

Now that transiting Saturn in my 7th is opposing Gemini ASC, I'm getting lots of lessons with how I show my love and acceptance in others. My mantra now is becoming more more authentic and acting with integrity in all things! Thanks for being such a great teacher!
Kindest regards,"

- Sheila, North Carolina, USA.

"You've helped me so much with my journey, I perused western and even eastern astrology trying to find something that transcended space and time with more focus on soul... and I found your articles and they took me where I needed to go without feeling crazy for everything I was feeling. All that to say, so thankful."

- A.M, USA.