Soul Path Coaching

Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers: Grow! Grow!

- The Talmud

Sorry but due to family commitments I have no coaching availability for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in Soul Path Coaching please add your name to my mailing list HERE. You will receive my newsletter, and you will receive an announcement when I have coaching places available. Thank you for your patience.

As you navigate your journey of Self-exploration, it is helpful to have a guide to walk with you for some of the way. The coaching relationship can be a very powerful ally in your journey of self-discovery.

Humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers was a great advocate of the power of positive relationship for nurturing our growth and development. An acorn already has within it the potential to become an oak tree, and it will thrive best in the right conditions. Likewise you already have within you the seeds of your own potential and you will thrive in the right conditions. 

The coaching relationship contributes to the ideal conditions for growth by creating a sustained positive energetic field in which growth, learning, creativity, discovery and evolution can happen. 

Within the safe space of a coaching relationship you are free to explore and empower yourself by... 

  • recognizing & developing your strengths
  • aligning with your Soul purpose
  • eradicating what drains you
  • building a strong foundation for yourself
  • recognising and weeding out your 'inner gremlin', 'inner critic', 'inner saboteur'
  • giving your life meaning and purpose
  • living a life you love

Sound good? Call me and let's chat!

This offer is only for people who are ready to enter Ruth's six-month coaching program.

This complementary call allows us both to establish if coaching is right for you at this time, and if a coaching relationship with Ruth would be a good match. 

If you have had a Soul Astrology consultation, and are interested in coaching and mentoring, please  contact Ruth in the first instance to schedule a very informal chat by phone or Skype, where we can discuss your prior educational and/or coaching experience, your preferred learning styles, your overall readiness, and your coaching objectives.  

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