Self Exploration

The most exciting journey you will ever take is the one to discover who you really are and just how many amazing things you are capable of.

- Barbara Wren, Cellular Awakening

"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle's approach is to use somatic (body) awareness to focus on the felt-sense in your body, which keeps your attention on this present moment. In fact there's more to it than that, he also explains how our mind keeps distracting us from the present, and we have to take action to break this pattern if we want to experience peace.

This is for the simple reason that we experience peace in the present moment whereas our mind lives on 'psychological time' - continously searching the past and the future, but rarely here, now. If we are to experience the peace that is the innate truth at the core of our being, we have to become fully present in each moment. As Eckhart Tolle says, nothing is ever really that bad in this present moment. Whatever is happening now, we can usually deal with it whereas is isn't possible to manage something that is in our past, because it is gone. Neither can we manage the future, because it isn't here. So all we have left to do, is whatever is happening right now.    BUY THIS BOOK

"Loving What Is" by Byron Katie

Four simple questions that are invaluable for 'checking' your own mind. Most of the time the stress that we experience on a daily basis is the result of thoughts that we habitually think, that go unchallenged. For example "There isn't enough time" or "I shouldn't have to do this". They usually aren't strictly true, but we don't realize this until we challenge them. Our stress arises from our acting as if they are true.

Byron Katies four questions might be simple, but when applied diligently they have a remarkable potential for reducing stress and bringing you to inner peace. Highly recommended.   BUY THIS BOOK

book cover image "A Path With Heart" by Jack Kornfield

This book is one of the best practical guides to meditation and spiritual practice that I have ever read. I highly recommend it for beginners and experienced meditators alike. I always have a copy with me (albeit in digital format!) and refer to it often. When I'm feeling in particular need of guidance it is wonderful to open it randomly and read.

Jack Kornfield was a buddhist monk in Thailand and a student of Ajahn Chah. On his return to the USA he discovered that in spite of being able to peacefully meditate in the monastery, his 'everyday' problems hadn't gone away and were waiting to be dealt with upon his return. This is an important spiritual lesson that we must all face sooner or later: that dealing with our everyday problems, human frailties and vulnerability, is part of the path. We cannot use spirituality to escape our issues. How we confront and deal with our basic human problems, with love and compassion for ourselves, becomes our path.    BUY THIS BOOK

book cover image "NOW Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton

It's official: YOU MATTER (In ways you can't possibly imagine!)

This invaluable book and online test reveal the unique talents that distinguish you from thousands of other people. Take the test now and discover strengths you never knew you had. What I find especially interesting is how closely people's strengths line up with the astrological significators in their horoscope! Fascinating indeed! Highly Recommended.   BUY THIS BOOK

Note: This is one book where you DON'T want a used copy. In each book is a unique code that you will use for your online test. You need a new copy so you have your own code.

book cover image "Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light" by Barbara Wren

This book is way ahead of it's time. During a period of my life when I was suffering from very poor health, it was following Barbara Wren's dietary advice that set me back on the road to good health and well-being. Her ideas and methods might seem controversial to some people, but time will tell as people increasingly try these methods and discover for themselves the effectiveness of her approach. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

If you suffer from any chronic illness it might be helpful to take the ideas in this book into consideration, and trust what resonates for you. I didn't resonate with all her ideas, so never tried them, but what I can say from my experience is that the nutritional advice alone, and following nature's cycles was effective enough to support my health enormously.

Barbara Wren is the founder of the College of Natural Nutrition and has been teaching and lecturing for the past 27 years, showing people a different approach to healing through nutrition and healing techniques.   BUY THIS BOOK

book cover image "Lightworker Undercover: Your Time is NOW"

by Anya Sophia Mann

If you look at this book's publication details you'll see it was published by Ruth Hadikin Associates. Yes folks, I published this book, and wrote the foreword. The reason I did is not only because Anya is my very good friend and mentor, but because this is an excellent book, with extremely valuable content.

I am very familiar with Anya's work, having attended many of her retreat workshops over the years, and words cannot express the deep level of self-awareness and profound insight that is possible for you, when you practise the techniques that she teaches.

Whether you realise it or not - you ARE a lightworker. You are a being of light (science is proving that) and your light is needed now, more than ever.

When you align with your Soul path, you begin to emanate a light that has the power to shift the world. Never underestimate the power of your own light.

Lightworker Undercover is a powerful manual for our times: showing us how to use our feelings as our guidance system, and how to connect to our light, which has the power to transform the darkness in the world.

Many of you are here to transform darkness into light, flow more Divine Love into the world, shine your light in the dark, and flow Universal Love through your sacred heart center: this book gives you powerful techniques for doing so and thereby aligning with your Soul's journey.

Many of you have also wondered, once I know my Soul Sign how can I apply it in daily life?

Lightworker Undercover tells you exactly how, in very practical terms. This book is such a valuable guide on your journey of self-exploration and a perfect compliment to Soul Astrology.   BUY THIS BOOK

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"The Natural Bliss of Being"

by Jackson Peterson

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for those who are serious about the spiritual journey of self-exploration, and wish to understand the true nature of reality (including ourselves).

The author describes the purpose and outcomes of spiritual practice with crystal clarity and with the rare ability to skilfully cut through the external differences between different religious traditions to get to the essence of what spiritual practice is really all about.

Highly recommended as an essential guide and companion for our journey of self-exploration. This book should be on the coffee-table of every serious seeker of real wisdom   BUY THIS BOOK

"In The Light of A New Day"

by Anya Sophia Mann

Another book of wisdom written by my good friend and mentor Anya Sophia Mann. This book is written in Anya's inimitable poetic style and is packed with deep insights. Whenever you need some inspiration to uplift you and make sense of your day, you can dip into this book and you will always find something to refresh your spirit!

I highly recommend you buy Anya's books and become familiar with her work. She will show you how to develop your intuition to a degree you possibly never imagined!   BUY THIS BOOK

"Gems for YOU (Book 1)"

by Anya Sophia Mann

Again I'm very happy to present more wisdom written by my good friend and mentor Anya Sophia Mann.

Anya sends out a daily Gem of Wisdom every day to her email list (click HERE and sign up to receive a Daily Gem from Anya).

In this book she has taken 32 Gems, expounded on them, and also provided a question to ponder with an example, so it becomes a practical tool for personal and spiritual growth.

Let these Gems of wisdom guide you on a daily basis.

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