Soul Science eBook

Soul Astrology as A Holistic Science For The Soul Age

by Ruth Hadikin


This eBook is now included as Chapter 6 in Ruth's latest book: 

"Soul Astrology: How Your Rising Sign 

Reveals Your Soul Path and Life Purpose"  

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Self-exploration is the science of the Soul. Can anything as subjective as self-exploration be considered a science? Yes, provided we correctly calibrate the instrument that we are using to observe ourself (our mind), and the results can be replicated: meaning we can find the same results that others have found, using the same methods.

In 2009 Ruth was invited by Author Dave Patrick to contribute a chapter on Soul Astrology for his forthcoming book: "The View: Mind over Matter, Heart over Mind: From Arthur Conan Doyle to Conversations With God". That chapter, “A Holistic Science For The Soul Age” is now available as a 22 page eBook, 

"Soul Science: Soul Astrology - A Holistic Science For the Soul Age"

"I have read most of Alice Bailey's books but they left me unfulfilled, 

almost like going round in a circle but never reaching the destination. 

However after several years I have been reading [Soul Science] ... 

and it jumped out at me! 

The start of understanding AB's books seems to be happening!!"

- GT, England, UK

At only 22 pages this short eBook gives a succinct yet comprehensive overview of Soul Astrology and why it can be considered a truly holistic science for this forthcoming Soul Age. 

What's included:

  • A Spiritual Science For An Evolving Humanity
  • Music and Celestial Harmonics, The Origins of Soul Astrology
  • Soul Astrology As A True Holistic Science
  • Developing The Intuitive Faculty To Access Higher Mind
  • Seven Creative Forces
  • The Importance of Your Rising Sign
  • Soul Astrology and Karma
  • Our Dualistic Mind, and Our Oneness
  • The Path Of Inner Transformation

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