Get Published NOW Workbook

by Ruth Hadikin


Get Published NOW is a comprehensive self-learning program in the form of an easy to use workbook. 

All the information you need to take yourself from beginner level to being a published author in your own right...

Packed with expert advice, exercises, information and resources it tells you all you need to know to get you to being a published Author in your own right.

Whether you want to write articles or publish books, find a publisher or self-publish, this book is filled with information and action steps that tell you how and get you started.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced writer, this book has everything you need to do it yourself. 

It takes you week by week through a four-week program: telling you what to do, providing weblinks and pointers, and giving you action steps along the way to keep you motivated and on track until you reach your goal.

The Get Published NOW workbook is excellent and could easily be re-named 'Everything you always wanted to know about getting published and did not have a clue how to find out'. Ruth has the knack of making you feel like you are a successful and talented author in the process of revealing yourself. She is generous with her support and guidance. This is great value for money and I will recommend it to anyone who wants to step onto the 'getting published' ladder. 

- Gabrielle Blackman-Sheppard


  • How to develop your writing track record 
  • How to define and target your market 
  • How to research your market 
  • How to use and explore online writing resources 
  • How to find publishers specialising in your field
  • What to put in your publication proposal
  • How to submit to magazines and trade/professional journals
  • What you need to know about Self-publishing
  • What you need to know about e-Publishing
  • A sample publication proposal
  • ...and much more.

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TIP: Print out your workbook so you can list your action steps and track your progress!

The Get Published NOW workbook has great insights. It is practical and a powerful reminder of what is really involved when writing and publishing.  If, like me, you feel frustrated when things get in the way and prevent you from writing, I strongly recommend you talk to Ruth.

- Mireia Asensio, Educator and Career Coach

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