Effective Coaching in Healthcare

by Ruth Hadikin


Like its author, the book is full of common sense, harnessed to knowledge and a sincere desire to help those who need it.

- Dame Lorna Muirhead, Past President, Royal College of Midwives

  • The first book on coaching specifically aimed at the healthcare sector
  • Includes A-Z of coaching skills linking their application to healthcare management and practice
  • Provides the most in-depth explanation to date of the psychological theory underpinning coaching practice
  • Outlines how the coach's role is set to grow in healthcare as healthcare evolves
  • Supplies practical tools to develop leadership skills, effectively manage stress and reduce conflict in the workplace
  • An international directory of coaches is included as an appendix.


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A comprehensive introduction to the theory, practice and process of coaching within a Healthcare context. This book adequately equips Healthcare professionals with everything they need to know about the coaching process itself, coaching outcomes, and the emerging trend of coaching cultures in Healthcare.

    What is coaching?

    How does it differ from mentoring or counselling?

    What are the specific skills and tools involved?

    Why is coaching having such a positive effect on job satisfaction, performance and retention?

    How does coaching support clinicians and managers in reducing stress?

    Why is there a strong move towards the development of coaching cultures within organisations?

In 1995 a coaching pilot was conducted among UK GP's1. The consensus was that "this type of coaching should be made available by the NHS to support GP's".

... are you ready to find out why?

Understand the concept of Coaching in relation to healthcare practice. Evoke excellence in others by applying the principles of coaching in everyday practice. Understand the distinction between coaching and mentoring and why coaching is now emerging as a successful professional tool.


What is coaching?

The Psychology of Coaching

Coaching skills, tools, terms and techniques

You as coachee: The coaching experience

Being the coach: The coach practitioner

The coach manager

The evolution of a coaching culture

Future visions: The future role of coaching in Healthcare


Further reading

Resources / websites

International Coach Directory


Coaching is increasingly used as a tool to accelerate personal and business development, in the business and management world. In particular its' contribution to organizational transformation, and the management of change, at both personal and organizational level has resulted in it's widespread adoption across industry and professional disciplines. It is acknowledged that the development of a coaching culture within any organisation contributes to an open-learning environment where learning, growth, and development can flourish.         

This book predicts the rapid growth of the coaching role in healthcare, as healthcare practice responds to changing technology, evidence-based practice, and shifting attitudes to health and healing. It includes a comprehensive discussion of the psychology of coaching, in addition to basic coaching skills, practical techniques for developing emotional intelligence, and their application in practice. The coaching process is explored from the practitioner and managerial perspectives, and it's powerful role in supporting individuals through dynamic organisational change.       

This book equips Healthcare professionals, clinicians, managers and executives, with everything they need to know to be aware of, and familiar with, this important current trend. It summarises the theory, practice and basic principles of coaching for easy access by busy Healthcare professionals. It offers pointers on which additional coaching skills they may wish to add to their professional toolbox, gives distinctions between coaching and other forms of interaction, and discusses potential applications for coaching within a Healthcare setting.



1. Evaluation of GP Life Coaching - Sara Buckley & Prof. Ruth Chambers (2005), Centre for Health Policy and Practice, Staffordshire University, UK.

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