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How the Zodiac Signs can be seen as twelve stages in your Soul’s development

One of the books I have found most helpful, in terms of understanding Esoteric Astrology, is "The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation" by Alice A. Bailey. In this book the Tibetan Master, through Alice Bailey, is explaining how the twelve labours of Hercules are a metaphor for stages on our Soul's journey. Although in reality, it is one continuous unfolding process it is helpful in terms of our understanding to be able to identify stages of our Soul's development. Particularly so that we can understand what is happening a each stage, because it helps us to understand ourselves and why we have some of the experiences that we do.

In an earlier blog post I outlined the twelve 'stages' of our Soul's development so we can see what is happening at each stage, and understand our Soul's 'purpose' at each stage. One of the things I found most helpful is that the Tibetan groups the Zodiac signs into three major stages of development which he calls 'preparation', 'crisis' and 'service'. This helps us to understand the overall picture and get a sense of what is actually unfolding. As you read this remember your ascendant is the indicator of your Soul's journey and some astrologers believe we have the same Soul sign for up to eight incarnations. So that gives a sense of perspective in terms of our Soul journey.

That said now let's take a look at these three stages of preparation, crisis and service. The first four signs are said to be signs of preparation: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. 
Perhaps it's because of my background in Midwifery but I can really relate to this idea of stages. In all aspects of our growth and development, there is a stage of preparation. In which we must simply wait, experience, and grow. This is a vitally important stage when much is happening to prepare us for who we are becoming. I think of the embryonic stage of development in the womb. 

During the embryonic stage something very amazing and miraculous happens. It is a process of cell division and 
definitionWhat I mean by that is that following the initial sperm and egg coming together, not only do the cells multiply fast, but they take on form appropriate to purpose. At first it's difficult to tell the difference between the embryo of a fish, a puppy, an elephant or a human! In those very early stages they are all similar, but it is during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy that the embryo defines itself. It's cells not only grow and multiply but they become distinctly human

This is not a matter of conscious awareness or thinking about doing anything: it is a process that is guided by the Soul that began before the incarnation, and unfolds naturally. 
The incarnating entity is in blissful ignorance of what he or she is about to become! So it is with our Soul's development in the first four signs. We may or may not be consciously pursuing a spiritual path. We may be in blissful ignorance. However, at a Soul level we are still taking form and shape: in preparation for who we are to become as fully awakened beings of light.

Then we come to the signs of crisis: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. The word crisis is very interesting. 
We often think of a crisis as something traumatic, or bad, happening. However, one dictionary defines crisis as "A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point."Indeed our modern word crisis has it's origins in the Greek word krinein which means 'to decide' and refers to a 'decisive point'. So a crisis forces us to act or to move. It pushes us into the next stage of our development that is necessary for our growth. Imagine our infant growing nicely in the Mother's womb. He or she can't stay in there forever! Soon the day of 'crisis' will come, when that decisive turning point arrives and it is time to be born into the next phase of our existence outside the womb.

So it's appropriate that the first sign of crisis is Leo: because our first 'crisis' is the crisis of individuation. 
Our journey of independence and individuation begins with birth. So it is at Soul level, when one has Leo Rising, one's whole life is about the journey of individuation. Indeed this theme of individuation continues through Virgo and Libra until we reach the final stage of crisis in Scorpio, where we undergo another major transformation. The Tibetan says we 'do battle' in two signs: Leo and Scorpio. In Leo we battle for our individuality, in Scorpio we battle for our Soul. Scorpio brings a crisis between the temptations of our lower personality and the higher calling of our Soul, which 'pushes' us into the final stage of our development.

The final four signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, are said to be the four signs of service. 
As a result of the experiences and development through the stages of preparation and crisis, the Soul now has capacity. The preparation is done, and the Soul is now 'fit for purpose'. So what is this capacity and purpose? It is the capacity to bring greater degrees of light into the world through the body of humanity, for the purpose of evolving consciousness, through the evolution of human consciousness. No small task!

So if you were feeling at any point as though you don't matter, remember you are on a very important journey. Even though you may not be aware of it, you ARE a being of light, and your journey IS unfolding in perfect, Divine, timing!

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