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Astrology can be very confusing, especially for beginners, because it is a very complex art and science. To learn the techniques of astrology in any depth involves many years of study, and can be a labyrinth of unfamiliar terms to the newcomer. In this article Soul Astrologer Ruth Hadikin cuts through the confusion and reveals the essence that allows you to understand your Soul Path and life purpose

Astrology is often seen as something abstract and unreachable for everyday use and yet there are millions of people who are interested in the subject and how it applies to our daily lives. One of the main aims of my newsletter is to cut through the complexity and keep it as simple as possible, by pointing out the most relevant pieces so you can use astrology in general, and Soul Path Astrology in particular, as a practical tool in your everyday life.

Let's face it, you don't need to become a mechanic in order to be able to drive a car! You don't need to know everything about a car, you only need to know what is relevant to driving. The internet is a wonderful tool, where we can access so much information in a second at the touch of a button - but when we search a term like 'astrology' the wealth of results can be overwhelming. How can you tell which are just the bits you need to know in order to drive, and which are the bits for the 'mechanics' (professional astrologers)?

Unless you have a particular interest in astrological psychology and psychology in general, you can probably get by in life without knowing what it means if you have Jupiter in Capricorn in the 6th house opposing your Mercury in Gemini in the 12th, but knowing the meaning of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (Ascendant) is helpful for your daily living. It will tell you how you are likely to go about your day; how you are likely to react to difficult people; where and how you feel energised; what drains you, and much more.

Knowing the meaning of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (Ascendant) is helpful for your daily living. It will tell you how you are likely to go about your day; how you are likely to react to difficult people; where and how you feel energised; what drains you, and much more.

The Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are probably the most relevant to our everyday life because they are what affect us most on a personal level. In learning about astrology most people begin with an overview of their chart, including all the planetary positions by sign and house, and their aspects. This is not a bad thing but it makes it complex and confusing right from the start. Many people give up on astrology at this point and who can blame them? This is like studying mechanics before you get in the car. I have friends who had their charts done years ago and still don't know what it means!

If you only want to drive, in other words if you want to use astrology as a practical tool in your daily life, there is another way. Rather than having a superficial overview of everything, you could begin with your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, and go deeper with those. 

By going deeper, I don't just mean learning information about the meaning of the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, but also making a firm commitment to observing how these energies actually play out, through you. Learn more about the energy, by watching yourself. By paying close attention in this way any knowledge you gather becomes real wisdom as a result of your own experience.

Your Rising Sign is the most important of all, from a soul-centered perspective. It can tell you where your Soul is on it's journey, and what you are here to learn and do in this lifetime. The Sun tells you about your vital energy, where you feel most energised and how you are most likely to express your self in this lifetime. Your Moon sign tells you all about your instincts, your emotional world and how you relate to others. That's alot of information! It's certainly enough to allow you to navigate your way through the day. 

I have given an overview of all twelve Rising Signs (and what they mean for your soul's purpose) in this previous post. Your Rising Sign is the energy that you came in with. You could think of it as your soul's energy, which is then focused and expressed through the 'lens' of your Sun and Moon signs. I will write more about the deeper meaning of your Sun and Moon signs in future posts. For those who are spiritually inclined, this could be all you need to know!  Your Rising Sign will indicate what you came to do, while the Sun and Moon shows how you are doing it! 

This astrological information alone isn't enough to make significant change in your life but when applied in practice, and combined with the wisdom of your experience, you have a powerful tool that can support your personal, professional, and spiritual development.

That's all for now see you next time, and in the meantime... happy exploring!

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Artwork: "Seasons of Life" by Josephine Wall


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