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Learn the Keys to Unlock Your Soul's Purpose with Soul Astrology

Astrology is the earliest form of psychology. For ancient people who were used to guiding their lives and planting crops according to the seasons and the movements of the Moon and constellations, it was logical to also observe the 'types' of people that were born at different times of the year: in different seasons and under different constellations. 

In general, Astrology can be used for many reasons, and where it applies to people (humanistic or psychological Astrology) Astrology is really describing 12 different types of mind, or mindset, and how they interact with one another. When we begin to look deeper into the energy of these types, life gets really interesting!

Observe, and see for yourself: Fire signs, are they predominantly driven to 'do' something (action)? Air signs, are they predominantly driven by 'thinking'?

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Introduction to Soul Astrology

Soul Astrology is the Astrology of your inner world. It tracks your Soul's journey through the twelve signs from Aries through to Pisces and can indicate where you are up to in your Soul development. Then by observing the energy dynamics of the signs in your own birth chart (horoscope) and watching how they play out (or not) in your life, you can come to see your Soul's essence working out throughout your life. 

As we become more aware of our own energy field it becomes possible to relate to the higher and lower octaves of each sign which then helps us to  see the difference between the energy of our Soul's essence and that of our  'ego', or fear-based 'habits' that we have picked up along the way! 

When you understand your birth chart , or horoscope,  from a Soul-centered perspective, it gives your life purpose, meaning and direction.

Your Soul's Path

To work with Soul Astrology as an effective tool for understanding your life and soul purpose you first need to know at least three things: 

Your Rising Sign (Ascendant), Your Sun Sign and Your Moon Sign.  

If you don’t know these, click here and enter your details for your free birth chart.  Next you’ll need to understand what they can tell you about your inner world: what your Soul's purpose is, and how your Life's purpose is to to embody and express the energy of your Soul in this lifetime. This is outlined below.

Your Soul Sign = The Rising Sign or Ascendant

The Rising Sign is your Soul Sign and the potential for your highest expression in this lifetime.  It is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the exact time of your birth. It heralds the dawn of your life and is considered the most important sign in Soul Astrology!

Your Soul Sign indicates your innate spiritual essence. The essence of who you really are and the energy you have brought into the world, to contribute, in this lifetime. This will remain latent while you are identified with, and driven by, the needs of the personality. As long as you are driven by the needs of your personality signs, they will distract you from recognizing and aligning with your spiritual essence: your Soul. 

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Your spiritual journey involves recognizing your spiritual essence and expressing it's spiritual energy into the world. Once you are familiar with your spiritual essence (the spiritual vibration of your Soul Sign) you will express this energy into the world through the gifts and talents of your personality signs.

The personality signs symbolize skills, talents and behaviors that we have learned over many lifetimes, but our personality is not who we are. While we are identified with the personality, we will be distracted from our spiritual path. 

Once we release this attachment to personality, and identify with our Soul, the Soul uses the gifts and talents of the personality for it's highest expression in this lifetime.

- Ruth Hadikin

Your Personality Signs

Like the black and white yin/yang symbol, your personality has two sides. One which is in the light, so you are aware of it, the other is hidden, so you are less aware, if at all.

In Soul Astrology these two aspects of your personality are represented by your Sun and Moon Signs.

Your Sun Sign

This is one half of your personality: the part that you are aware of because it is in the light. It is your ‘modus operandi’ (MO), your main way of perceiving the world and navigating your way through it. For example:

  • Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), your default position will be thinking your way through life;
  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will feel your way forward;
  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will focus on action and
  • Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) want all the practicalities organized and the physical infrastructures in place.

Your Moon Sign

This is the other half of your personality. It is your shadow, or the side of your personality that is most difficult for you to see because it is in the dark. Until you do some personal and spiritual development, this will be your blind spot.

However, it is who you become in relationship. In terms of how you relate with, and experience others, emotionally your experience will be influenced largely by your Moon sign. It is your emotional world, and it is revealed to you through your relationships with others. When other people push your buttons, you will most likely react in accordance with the characteristics of your Moon sign.

Lower and Higher Octaves

Like the 'octaves' on a musical scale, each sign has a lower and higher vibration, which results in very different expressions.  The lower ego expressions of any sign are fear-based while the higher expressions are love-based.

The key to living and expressing your Soul's purpose, is to align with, and live from, the very highest octaves of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, that is possible for you to reach in this lifetime. 

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Artwork: “Lakshmi" by Josephine Wall


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