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Soul Astrology as A Holistic Science for The Soul Age

An excerpt from "Soul Astrology: How Your Rising Sign Reveals Your Soul Path and Life Purpose" by Ruth Hadikin

“Despite the inevitable backlash as old paradigms expire, we are now entering an age where scientific explanations and models of the cosmos are more in accord with astrological principles. In such a climate, astrology is emerging from relative obscurity to become once again a serious study offering a greater understanding of our true nature as inhabitants of a living cosmos imbued with sacred mysteries.” 

- Melanie Reinhart, Chiron, Pholus and Nessus: To The Edge and Beyond.

Daily self-examination was a requirement for students of the Pythagorean school, similar to the way modern counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists are required to undergo their own inner process work. Just as heuristic research is now valued, self-examination is valued in any study of psychology because of what can be revealed to us through understanding the inner workings and patterns of our own mind.

Through exquisite self-observation we undergo a transformative process whereby we can access higher truth. We begin to widen our perceptive capacity and can recognize the inner gateways to the Universe. These inner doors, sometimes referred to by mystics as the ‘Bhagavat in the ten directions’, are our gateway to the Universe through inner space. We have access to ultimate truth because we are not separate from it. We can expand our capacity to reach the place where, as the Tibetan said, ‘The will of God is known’.

As we expand our perception, through using this instrument of higher perception, we will recognize and know what the Tibetan means by our being ‘living cells within one larger living organism’. We will come to an intimate knowing of our individual soul, its relationship to the group soul and, in turn, the greater Being, of whom we are part. 

Heuristic research, the modern science of self-examination (self-exploration or self-observation), allows us to compare and validate our experiences and personal truths. With thorough, deep, self-examination, as advocated by Pythagoras, we will come to understand the deeper truths contained in the Tibetan’s teachings and Soul Astrology can become a true science: a transpersonal psychology that supports our expanding consciousness through inner knowing.

Soul Astrology gives us a map of our journey so far. Everything is in our natal chart. It is a snapshot of our evolution and everything we have picked up along the way, good and bad! It is the sum total of our individual and collective karma, or psyche. This means that we are, as all the great wisdom teachings have told us, defined by our goodness.

We really do have an innate inner light at our core, and all our ‘negativity’ is not inherent in our nature, but rather the result of past conditioning. A very negative side effect of our modern age is that it leaves us stuck with all our negative feelings and doesn’t give us a way forward.


Soul Astrology tells us that we do indeed have a core essence, a vital spark, a light, and we are moving, growing into something, evolving...


"I have read most of Alice Bailey's books but they left me unfulfilled, almost like going round in a circle but never reaching the destination.  

However after several years I have been reading [A Holistic Science For The Soul Age and] it jumped out at me! 

The start of understanding AB's books seems to be happening!!"

- GT, England, UK


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