Why Meditation Can Be Difficult When You're Learning Astrology, How To Make It Easier, and Why You Should!

by Ruth Hadikin


Astrology is a complex subject. Whether we are professionals or just enthusiastic fans, learning astrology might be one of the biggest mental challenges we can ever undertake, and initially it seems like a very left-brain affair. In other words we are gathering reams and reams of information: learning about signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits etc. etc. 

Then we have to learn how to structure the information (let's bring Mr Saturn in here as Alan Oken would say!). Then we are processing information and learning astrological synthesis (thank you Virgo). All this means increased mental activity. Lots and lots of mental activity.

Yet if it only remains at the level of intellect, our Astrology will be limited, and cold. At some point we need to access our heart: to bring in sensitivity, compassion, and empathy (thank you Cancer and Pisces) for our clients or, even if we aren't professional astrologers, for our friends, family and all those to whom we offer readings.

And if we wish to really understand Esoteric Astrology, and learn Soul Astrology, then we need to go even further and also cultivate our intuition. According to The Tibetan, Master DK (in Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey), we are evolving from instinct, through intellect, to intuition.

Beyond our intellectual mind is what the Tibetans call the 'clear light mind'. This is a source of endless wisdom and it is accessed through our intuition.

Intuition is a higher level of intelligence that takes us beyond the intellectual mind. Our intellectual mind is what we use when we are thinking. It forms thoughts and concepts. Beyond our intellectual mind is what the Tibetans call the 'clear light mind' and this is the source of endless wisdom (including our intellectual mind) and it is only accessed through our intuition. The clear light mind goes beyond our individuality and once we have accessed it, we are tapped into Universal Wisdom.

Intuition, and accessing 'Higher Mind' are emphasized by the Tibetan in Esoteric Astrology where it is said that astrology of the future will be intuitive astrology and astrologers of the future  will have a highly cultivated intuition. 

So how do we cultivate intuition and access this higher, universal, clear light aspect of the mind that is beyond the thoughts and mental concepts of the intellect? There are many methods, with as many different names, but they all boil down to one thing: meditation. Which is why some regular practice of meditation or quieting the mind is essential to develop higher intuition and practice esoteric or Soul Astrology.

The problem is, if you are learning astrology, you haven't got a quiet mind! In fact, your mind is probably spinning with more information and mental processing than you have ever known! It's easy to 'turn on' your thinking brain, but how do you turn it off? Has anyone every shown you where the brakes are?

Having a regular meditative practice which allows your mind to settle so you experience a quieter, more peaceful state, will give you the necessary inner space to recognize and cultivate your intuition.

This is where practice is important. Having a regular meditative practice which allows your mind to settle so you experience a quieter, more peaceful mental state, will give you the necessary 'head' space to recognize and cultivate your intuition. In fact, when you return to the mental activity of learning our beloved ancient wisdom, you will realize that learning gets easier: because you are bringing a clearer state of mind to the subject!

Many people who use their intellect on a daily basis, like astrologers, think they can't meditate. This is simply because mental activity has become your habitual norm. To access a different mental state you need to do something different. It isn't easy to settle the mind, but anyone can do it if they know how. In my book "So You Think You Can't Meditate?" I address all these issues and show many different forms of meditation, including active meditations for those who think sitting in meditation is a nightmare! 

That's all for now see you next time, and in the meantime... happy exploring!

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