Extinction Level Event


Will an Asteroid hit the Earth? 

by Ruth Hadikin

Will an Asteroid hit the Earth? I know it sound’s like a question from a 1950’s B-movie, but I’m being serious. Really! Do I think an Asteroid is going to hit the Earth? No … and I’ll explain why in a moment, but first why am I asking?
Because we live in fearful times. People are very afraid for many reasons, war, poverty, terrorism, and yes… there are many (scientists and the public alike) who are wondering if we will make it. There is conversation about whether Earth is heading for a big ‘extinction level event’ on the scale of whatever wiped out the dinosaurs, that may well wipe out humanity, whether it be due to environmental change, the collapse of a life-sustaining eco-system and/or something huge, like an asteroid, colliding with the Earth

If we analyze these possibilities, we can feel very small, insignificant and powerless, but there is one very important factor that all of these future projections have left out. Consciousness. Not just human consciousness, but consciousness per se. The consciousness that underpins everything and from which every thing arises. In some Tibetan Buddhist traditions it is called the ground of being. We sometimes refer to it as the Void, but that presents an incomplete picture. In a void we normally think of an absence of everything. A Vacuum. Whereas in the great ’void’ (or rather the ground of being), there is everything - in potential. There is life, as consciousness. 

You and me, and every thing in existence, arose out of this ground of being, this consciousness, and will return to it. Whatever happens to physical things, our physical bodies, our physical Earth, this ground of being cannot be destroyed. 
Life cannot be destroyed. Consciousness cannot be destroyed. It is interesting that Pluto has been in the news so much recently, because this is the ultimate ‘lesson’ of Pluto: that no matter what we do to physical matter, consciousness itself cannot be destroyed. And where there is consciousness, there is life. 

As an exercise try contemplating the recent image of Pluto. Allow your mind to be still and receive. Without projecting anything onto it (“it looks like this” or it “looks like that” - which would be the lower ‘monkey-mind’ at work), be quiet inside and listen to what message Pluto has for you in the stillness.

Let’s take a moment and look at Nature. How does an apple tree know how to produce apples? How do bees know what to do as they pollinate flowers? 
Consciousness knows. Every thing is ‘held’, suspended, in a field of consciousness. How do the planets in our solar system know how to remain in orbit without shooting off and bumping into one another? Because they are also being ‘held’ in that same field of consciousness.

Normally we think that the Earth is here to support humanity, yet esoterically the reverse may be true. It is very likely that we are here to support the Earth. 
Many ancient peoples knew that we do not ‘own’ the Earth, but rather that we are here to be custodians of the Earth. To take care of her. In a sense, the body of humanity is more like a midwife. Esoterically it is said that there are sacred and non-sacred planets and Earth is in a kind of ‘birthing’ process as she is in the process of becoming a sacred planet. Humanity has a huge role to play in this, if we wake up and ‘get with the program’ (as they say)! 

The body of humanity generates a huge magnetic field around the Earth, which emanates from the heart center of each individual and contributes collectively to what we might call the ‘sacred heart of humanity’. 
At the moment this ‘field’ is ‘polluted’ with lower thought-forms and fear, but the more of us who place our attention on the path of love and wisdom, purifying our own hearts and minds, and devoting ourselves to our spiritual awakening, the more the ‘field’ is clearing and becoming a conscious ‘field of light and love’ that supports Earth through her transition.

We are also not alone in this. Humanity is just one aspect of a greater field of consciousness, love, and light, in which the whole Universe is suspended. 
There is a kind of ‘plan’ of sorts, but not how we might think of a plan… it’s more like a knowing. The Universe knows how it is unfolding and it is quietly, and consciously, getting on with the business of ‘life’ and ‘living’ in spite of all our fear-based mental projections. 

Will an asteroid hit the earth causing an extinction level event? Mechanically it is possible, but we also have the consciousness and power to choose another path...

"Consciousness affects everything so it is important to notice what gets your attention and to be aware of where you place your attention."

- Anya Sophia Mann

There are myriads of possibilities in this Universe, and the ones which actualise are those which align with the greater unfoldment of love and light and the evolution of consciousness. One thing is for sure consciousness itself cannot be extinguished, it is without beginning and without end, and consciousness is life. So life will always continue… in one way or another!


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