The Elements and Your Ego - Part 2 FIRE

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In astrology the element of fire is the one most associated with ego, yet interestingly it is also closely associated with spirit which indicates that ego itself has an important function in the journey of spirit into matter. Ego forms an essential foundation for the individuation process in this current stage of the evolution of human consciousness.

According to Esoteric Astrology we are collectively passing from instinct, through intellect, to intuition*. Within the intellectual or ‘mental’ stage, that which we call ego is actually the arising of a mental concept of ‘me’ or ‘I’. Animals don’t think of ‘me’ or ‘mine’! This is a capacity of  human intellect.

Our ego-mind creates this illusion of a false self, through an ongoing process of identification which is evident in our continuous ‘story of me’, ‘myself’, ‘I’ and ‘mine’. We have an innate ability to experience life through our five senses. As soon as we open our eyes, seeing happens. We don’t have to do anything in order to see, it happens anyway. Yet our ego-mind immediately takes the credit by thinking “I see”. There is an assumption that there is an “I” which is ‘doing’ the seeing, but if we look closely we cannot find this “I” or “me” anywhere, other than in our thoughts.

"Egoism, the limiting sense of 'I', results from the individual intellect's attributing the power of consciousness to itself"

In our everyday lives we can become identified with many things including thoughts, feelings, actions/roles, possessions, which all contribute to our sense of self. So if we feel sad we may identify with being ‘a sad person’ or if we have a role in society we may become identified with our position. When circumstances fit our idea of ourselves we may think “this is really me”, and when they don’t we may think “this isn’t me” or even “I’m just not myself”. 

One of the functions of mindfulness is to observe how this idea of ‘I’ arises in our daily lives. This requires observing those thoughts, feelings and activities that generate a strong sense of ‘I’. If we have personal planets in any of the fire signs we may notice a strong sense of ‘me’ or ‘I’ arises in association with action - when we are doing something. This can include a role or career, for example if we are a Mother or a Manager our sense of self can be so interwoven with that identity that if we lose the role we feel we are no longer ‘ourselves’. 

Within each element there are three ‘modalities’, or ways through which the energy expresses: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Cardinal energy has a creative quality to it. It is the energy of spring and creation and it’s purpose is to initiate and make manifest. Fixed energy has a stabilizing quality to it. It is the energy of summer and it’s purpose is to act as a place-holder to stabilize creations  for the duration of their lifespan.  Mutable energy has a dissolving, changing, quality to it. It is the energy of autumn and it’s purpose is to dissolve creations and release the energy so it may be re-used by cardinal energy again in the next cycle.


There are three signs in each element, one corresponding to each modality. In the fire element Aries is the cardinal sign, Leo is the fixed sign, and Sagittarius is the mutable sign.  In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan Master tells us that each fire sign brings a gift: in Aries we have the gift of existence, in Leo we have the gift of opportunity and in Sagittarius we have the gift of power. However the Divine energy of spirit is currently filtered through the ego personality, which hijacks our pure experience and converts it into a “me” story!

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are human archetypes, which means they can also be thought of as twelve types of ego-mind, in other words twelve “stories of me”! Each sign has a key phrase that sums up it’s dominant ‘ego-story’ in the form of an “I” statement. For Aries this key phrase is “I am”, for Leo “I will”, and for Sagittarius “I seek”. As we practice mindfulness and become more aware of our true nature we will gradually begin to drop the ego story so Aries will experience pure existence without “I” getting in the way. This will be a higher, clearer, purer octave of Aries energy, unobstructed by any story. Likewise Leo will experience pure creativity, unimpeded by any erroneous ideas of a creator, and Sagittarius can experience seeking in total freedom without the added hindrance of a seeker.

Few of us are dominated by one sign. Most of us are a mix of at least two or three which makes life interesting! As you go through your day, notice where your attachment to your ‘story’ is strongest, and how it relates to the elements of your personality signs. With practice you can drop your story and allow your energy to flow freely and naturally. It gives new meaning to getting out of your own way!

We’ll continue our exploration next time with a closer look at the elements of EARTH, AIR and WATER…

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*Patanjali, the founder of modern yoga, described five energy ‘bodies’ which can also be associated with ‘stages of consciousness’. He related these to five elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether. These he called the physical or ‘earth’ body (annamay kosh), the energy ‘fire’ body (pranamay kosh – this is also known as the ‘vital’ body in other traditions), the mental ‘water’ body (manomay kosh), intuitive ‘air’ body (vigyanamay kosh), and the bliss ‘ether’ body (anandmay kosh). As we collectively evolve we gradually awaken to each of these inner ‘bodies’, or states of consciousness (these states already exist and can be accessed through deep practices of yoga and meditation). Once all five have been transcended, we attain 'Universal Mind'. 

In terms of the Astrological ‘ages’, the Age of Pisces can be associated with the water/mental body while the Age of Aquarius can be associated with the intuitive/air body, as we gradually evolve from intellect to intuition as our default way of experiencing and navigating our world. Ego arises naturally in the ‘water/mental’ stage and forms a foundation for the individuation process, which is vital for the cultivation of our intuitive capacity. Read more in an article I wrote for LCM:  “Evolving Consciousness, Soul Astrology and The Aquarian Age

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