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Your Rising Sign: Your Soul's Purpose

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Your soul is indicated by your Rising sign (Ascendant). This is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth and, as the dawn of your life, it is considered by soul-centered astrologers to be the most important sign in astrology, precisely because it indicates your soul’s path, purpose and expression...

An excerpt from "Soul Astrology: How Your Rising Sign Reveals Your Soul Path and Life Purpose" by Ruth Hadikin

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“The soul is the reality lying behind the persona, the mask of the soul. It is the soul or higher self that comes first, as does the Rising sign. The Rising sign, the soul and the soul’s purpose are therefore one and the same”

- Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology

The soul is on an unfolding journey in which it eventually passes through each sign. The soul's journey through the 12 signs of the Zodiac is described by the Tibetan Master in Alice Bailey's "The Labours of Hercules: an astrological interpretation". At each 'stage' we can see that the soul is growing and developing. Some astrologers suggest that the soul spends up to eight incarnations in each sign, in which case we can see that it would take the soul up to 84 incarnations to complete one cycle through the Zodiac. It's not a simple linear progression from A to B, the soul's journey is more complex than that, but for our current level of understanding it's a good analogy.


Your Rising sign can give you a sense of what your soul has come to do in this lifetime:


If you have Aries rising you are here to inspire others with Divine ideas1. Your challenge is to tame your mind, cultivate your intuition and cultivate self-awareness to the point where you can distinguish Divine inspiration from the needs and drives of your own personality. 

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If you have Taurus rising you are here to release personal attachment1 and develop your senses for their highest purpose: to lead you to freedom, liberation, illumination and eventually enlightenment. Because Taurus resonates with peace, you tend to relax once you have all your creature comforts around you. Your biggest challenge is to not become complacent, and stay awake! 

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If you have Gemini rising you are here to teach right human relations1. To do this you have to 'marry' the head-mind and the heart-mind and deeply understand relationship as the interplay of light. Because Gemini is so curious you are interested in everything, so your biggest challenge is to stay focused on your soul path and not become distracted by mundane affairs.

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If you have Cancer rising you are here to find your inner light, keep it lit, and flow greater degrees of compassion into the world1. Because Cancer is the sign of mass consciousness, you feel the fear of the masses. The biggest challenge for you is not succumbing to fear but to allow it to move through you and become transmuted into compassion.

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If you have Leo rising you are here to usher in an era of heart-centered leadership1. Your biggest challenge will be to not become identified with your actions. You are NOT what you do. There is a real self, and a false self, and it is your job to figure out which is which. Once you do this you align with your soul purpose and your life becomes an expression of Divine Will.

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With Virgo rising you are here to be of service by flowing pure Divine love into the world through your work1. Your biggest challenge is to not become discouraged and disheartened by the imperfection of the mundane world, which could leave you feeling anxious and critical. The perfection you seek is the perfection of the soul. Let go of  ideas of how things 'ought to be' and flow your love anyway.

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If you have Libra rising you are here to bring in greater degrees of harmony and balance into the world through right relationship1. In your case this comes from a deep understanding of the relationship between all things: including people and the beautiful planet we live on. Your biggest challenge is finding the balance between self and other in your own relationship. You matter as much as others. Not more, not less. Finding the point of balance which honors both is part of your life's work.


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If you have Scorpio rising you are here to transform darkness into light1 through your own personal journey of healing and transformation. I've never met a Scorpio soul who had an easy life. You are learning about energy and how to flow energy in ways that are beneficial to all concerned. It often feels like your life is one big struggle, but it is a struggle which makes you stronger, and comes at the appropriate time. Like a chick pecking it's way out of an egg, it's time now to hatch. Your biggest challenge is to not get caught in confrontation but to transmute the energy of any potentially volatile situation, which transforms you and lifts you to your highest potential.

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If you have Sagittarius rising you are here to uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom1. To do this you have to know truth for yourself, the deeper spiritual truth that lies beyond mind and mental concepts. Since Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher you love to think and formulate philosophies to guide our way of living. Your biggest challenge is to release all man-made mental concepts, go beyond opinions and philosophy, and discover the underlying truth of your existence.

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If you have Capricorn rising you are here to express your vocation for the greater good1. Our 'vocation' is our spiritual calling, you are here to listen to your spiritual calling and make the sacred manifest in the world. At the highest level the Capricorn soul is an engineer of light, you have an innate knowing of alchemy and how to manifest heaven on Earth. Your biggest challenge is to use your talent and energy for spiritual purposes: to aspire to spiritual heights rather than becoming lost in the trappings of worldly wealth and achievement.

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If you have Aquarius rising you are here to flow the dual waters of love and life into the world in ways that benefit humanity1. Your biggest challenge will be to get out of your head and into your heart. The spiritual energy of which we speak flows through the heart and, as the fixed air sign, Aquarius is very much a sign of the mind. It is too easy for you to be lost in ideas. When you access the power of your heart you will use your mind as the vessel, the vase of Aquarius, through which you steadily direct the love and light that flows from your heart.

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If you have Pisces rising you are here to flow universal love into the world1. The biggest challenge for you is to create appropriate boundaries, and not take things personally. Because you can feel what others feel, it is easy for you to take on other people's feelings. It is important for you to realize that everything you feel isn't yours, and that other people are responsible for their own feelings. Allow others to learn their own lessons, and stay in the place of love. This way you become a 'spiritual pacemaker', striking a heart-tone that others can follow.

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What you are here to do and how you will do it...

So that's what you are here to do! How you will do it, depends upon other factors in your chart, in particular your Sun and Moon signs. 

For example if you are a Cancer Soul with a Gemini/Leo personality (Gemini Sun/ Leo Moon) you are here to flow compassion into the world (Cancer Soul) through writing, speaking, communicating (Gemini) and creative self-expression (Leo).

Whether you will experience and actualize the full spiritual potential of your Rising sign or not, depends upon your level of consciousness. If you are spiritually asleep, you will naturally experience the qualities of your Rising sign as an inherent part of your personality. As you awaken to your spiritual purpose you will feel a quickening, experiencing the subtle stirrings of your soul’s calling, through your Rising Sign. The Rising Sign bridges the worlds between sleep and awakening.


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Artwork: "Feathered Friends" by Josephine Wall


1. I am deeply grateful to Esoteric Astrologer  Candy Hillenbrand for her succinct descriptions of the Soul Purpose of each sign, which I have quoted often in this and other articles. Her article “Esoteric Astrology: The Journey Of The Soul” is  an excellent and concise overview of Esoteric Astrology and can be found online at


Soul Path Astrologer Ruth Hadikin specializes in supporting you on your own greatest adventure: using Soul Astrology to explore your Soul Path and Life Purpose. Read more articles like this in her free newsletter.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Awakening The Sacred Heart


The big buzz in astrology at the moment is the powerful New Moon with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces (on March 9th 2016 at 01:56 am GMT) and what that might mean!


The Solar Eclipse in Pisces heralds a time of momentous change for humanity, and a collective shift of the heart. A Solar Eclipse is where the Moon crosses the face of the Sun, casting a shadow on the earth, so we can only ever have a Solar Eclipse at a New Moon. From our perspective here on Earth the Moon appears to block out the light of the Sun. 

Why Isn't Every New Moon a Solar Eclipse?

We only experience a solar eclipse when the Moon's shadow falls on the Earth. Because the Moon's orbit around the Sun is tilted in relation to the Earth's orbit, the Moon's shadow usually misses the Earth - so we only get a solar eclipse about twice a year. Whether we can see that eclipse or not depends upon where on the Earth the Moon's shadow will fall. Next week's Solar Eclipse in Pisces is fully visible from Indonesia, parts of Asia and parts of Australia.

Astrologically a New Moon is a Moon/Sun conjunction, which in itself indicates new beginnings. When combined with a Solar Eclipse it emphasises the end of a life cycle (as the shadow cuts off the Sun's light) and then the beginning of another (as the Sun's light reappears again). So it is a time of death and re-birth, particularly in how we are expressing our essential vital energy.

Mutable T-Square

This Solar Eclipse has the Sun/Moon conjunction at 18º Pisces in opposition to Jupiter at 18º Virgo, and both squaring Saturn at 16º Sagittarius forming a kind of triangle that in astrology we call a mutable t-square. T-squares create a crisis of tension that is usually resolved by action in some form (mutable in this case because the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are involved). 

So in effect T-squares are catalysts. We normally look to the planet at the apex of the triangle (in this case Saturn in Sagittarius) to find the path of potential resolution. T-squares always bring us opportunity through crisis. Often this is a necessary crisis that catapults us out of a 'comfort' zone (that needs to change because it has served it's purpose and in continuing we would no longer grow), and into healthy action for change.

"The word crisis is very interesting. We often think of a crisis as something traumatic, or bad, happening. However, one dictionary defines crisis as "A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point."Indeed our modern word crisis has it's origins in the Greek word krinein which means 'to decide' and refers to a 'decisive point'. So a crisis forces us to act or to move. It pushes us into the next stage of our development that is necessary for our growth. Imagine an infant growing nicely in it's Mother's womb. He or she can't stay in there forever! Soon the day of 'crisis' will come, when that decisive turning point arrives and it is time to be born into the next phase of existence outside the womb." 

(from an earlier blog post on zodiac signs

To have this Solar Eclipse within a T-square formation is very significant indeed. It indicates a death and birth of sorts, but what will die and what will be born? It signifies an important time of crisis and choice - an opportunity to choose conscious action rather than unconscious reaction. It could be the death of old man-made ideals, new belief-systems and/or religious structures, and the birth of new ones, or even the birth of higher consciousness based on unconditional love. How we experience this Mutable T-square Solar Eclipse depends upon our level of consciousness.

At the level of our ego-personality experience we are driven by our egoic urges. We tend to react to life based on our egoic impulses and social and familial conditioning. From this perspective we may find ourselves pulled between the idealism of Jupiter in Virgo in the form of judging and comparing one another based on the practical application of moral judgements, and the expression and emotional attachment to our faith and religious or spiritual beliefs, of the Sun/Moon in Pisces. We might see Saturn in Sagittarius trying to structure our belief systems into some kind of philosophy or new belief system. 

So we might see challenges or crises that lead to the dissolving of old, outmoded, belief systems and the implementation of new ones, particularly in the areas of education, religion, schools of thought, philosophies and belief systems.

Jupiter is inconjunct Uranus at 18º Aries so at the time we may also be unable to tap into the clarity of our intuition, and may be prone to 'explosive' tempers (Uranus in Aries) that feel morally justified and 'righteous' (Jupiter in Virgo). Certainly this could be a time where people clash over belief systems. 

It is a time to be highly on alert, watch your own body, speech and mind, check in with your motivation, and spend as much time as possible meditating on world peace for all!

From a higher Soul-Centered perspective this is a powerful opportunity for higher consciousness and Universal love to be anchored into humanity in realistic and practical ways. In Esoteric Astrology the Sun, Jupiter AND Virgo are on ray 2, which is the path of Love-Wisdom. Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius are on ray 6 - the path of devotional idealism. This is a time for releasing 'blind' devotion and through our own personal experience, awakening to the truth of our own spiritual nature and Divine connection.

So we have the highest potential of Jupiter (Love-Wisdom) in Virgo flowing Divine love into the World in practical ways (normally through our work). With the Sun/Moon conjunction our collective pranic energy (Sun) unites with our emotional body (Moon) in Pisces to imbue us with a deeper experience and awareness of compassion and Unconditional Love. 

Meanwhile Saturn asks us, "What is real? What is authentic?"  Saturn in Sagittarius asks, "what is really the highest truth?" "How can we be authentic in this?" We can see how this is the resolution (the apex of the T-square) because the deepest spiritual truth is that we are all connected. When we know the truth of our oneness and unity, from personal experience, all barriers and false belief systems dissolve, and we enter the highest realm of Love-Wisdom (Jupiter) and Universal Love and Compassion (Pisces).

There is a beautiful trine (positive, flowing aspect) between Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius which may allow us to more clearly intuit the highest 'reality' of our true nature, provided we can access the space of peace and clarity in our meditative practice.

Next week's Solar Eclipse is therefore a powerful opportunity for each one of us to identify and release limiting belief systems and unconscious reactions, so we may enter into the highest vibration of Pisces: where all hearts beat as one as we collectively awaken to the reality of the sacred heart of humanity.


Soul Path Astrologer Ruth Hadikin specializes in supporting you on your own greatest adventure: using Soul Astrology to explore your Soul Path and Life Purpose. Read more articles like this in her free newsletter.

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