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"Life is not a problem or a puzzle to be solved.

Life is a mystery to be loved and to be lived." 

- OSHO, Indian Mystic 

Ruth Hadikin explores the keys to discovering your passion and purpose through astrology, which leads you on Life's Greatest Adventure of all: discovering the hidden treasure of your unique Soul path!


What is Soul Astrology?


Learn the Keys to Unlock Your Soul's Purpose with Soul Astrology

Astrology is the earliest form of psychology. For ancient people who were used to guiding their lives and planting crops according to the seasons and the movements of the Moon and constellations, it was logical to also observe the 'types' of people that were born at different times of the year: in different seasons and under different constellations. 

Your Rising Sign: Your Soul's Purpose

feathery friends

Your soul is indicated by your Rising sign (Ascendant). This is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth and, as the dawn of your life, it is considered by soul-centered astrologers to be the most important sign in astrology, precisely because it indicates your soul’s path, purpose and expression...

Zodiac Signs


How the Zodiac Signs can be seen as twelve stages in your Soul’s development

One of the books I have found most helpful, in terms of understanding Esoteric Astrology, is "The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

seasons life

Astrology can be very confusing, especially for beginners, because it is a very complex art and science. To learn the techniques of astrology in any depth involves many years of study, and can be a labyrinth of unfamiliar terms to the newcomer. …

The Planets and Spiritual Awakening


The Role of The Planets in Spiritual Awakening 

by Ruth Hadikin

In Esoteric Astrology, The Tibetan Master DK taught that as a collective, humanity is evolving: 

  • from instinct to intellect 
  • from intellect to intuition

Extinction Level Event


Will an Asteroid hit the Earth? 

by Ruth Hadikin

Will an Asteroid hit the Earth? I know it sound’s like a question from a 1950’s B-movie, but I’m being serious. Really! Do I think an Asteroid is going to hit the Earth? …

Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Awakening The Sacred Heart


The big buzz in astrology at the moment is the powerful New Moon with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces (on March 9th 2016 at 01:56 am GMT) and what that might mean!


The Solar Eclipse in Pisces heralds a time of momentous change for humanity, and a collective shift of the heart.

Soul Science

Soul Astrology as A Holistic Science for The Soul Age

An excerpt from "Soul Astrology: How Your Rising Sign Reveals Your Soul Path and Life Purpose" by Ruth Hadikin

“Despite the inevitable backlash as old paradigms expire, we are now entering an age where scientific explanations and models of the cosmos are more in accord with astrological principles. In such a climate, astrology is emerging from relative obscurity to become once again a serious study offering a greater understanding of our true nature as inhabitants of a living cosmos imbued with sacred mysteries.” 

- Melanie Reinhart, Chiron, Pholus and Nessus: To The Edge and Beyond.

Daily self-examination was a requirement for students of the

The Path of Your Soul


This week someone asked the following question on our LinkedIn Soul Astrology Group:

"If my Ascendant is Sagittarius and my Sun and Moon are in Leo is the element of fire important, what needs to be expressed here?

Why Meditation Can Be Difficult When You're Learning Astrology, How To Make It Easier, and Why You Should!


by Ruth Hadikin

Astrology is a complex subject. Whether we are professionals or just enthusiastic fans, learning astrology might be one of the biggest mental challenges we can ever undertake, and initially it seems like a very left-brain affair.

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