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"My name is Ruth Hadikin and I support you in your Greatest Adventure: exploring and living the path of your Soul. I use various tools to do this including Soul Path Coaching and Soul Astrology

The greatest adventure any of us will ever make, 

is the journey of our Soul. 

Your life follows a definite path that, if you have the courage to follow, it will eventually lead you where you want to go. There is a pattern to your life that is not fate, or destiny, but your innate potential unfolding. Just as, given the right conditions, an acorn will become an oak tree, so your life are following a true path of growth and development that your 'higher self' is always calling you up to... the next best version of you! 

You are here to be the best version of you that you possibly can be. How can you know what that next version will be? 

Your heart will tell you. If you follow your heart's desire, your own "great adventure", it will lead you exactly where you need to be to shine your light in the world.

Your Soul is calling to you. If you look at some of the key events in your life, you'll see a definite pattern emerging, and that pattern shows up in your astrology."

When I first contacted Ruth I didn't know which direction to take in my life. I had lost my job through chronic fatigue and felt bewildered and unsure about the future. Ruth directed me to look inside myself for answers and not externally. I am now on a wonderful journey of self discovery and growth. 

I realise that everyday experiences and feelings, no matter how painful, are opportunities for spiritual growth, and should be honoured. I am no longer worrying about my future, as I know that, it will become clear, when I am ready.

MW, Scotland, UK   

Ruth's defining talents: 

  • she takes complex information and situations and simplifies them; 
  • she figures things out - from the causes of bullying to world peace and even the meaning of Life!
  • she highlights what is significant and relevant in a morass of confusing information;
  •  she explains complex concepts in a way that anybody can get it
  • she does all this and more with a sense of humour and humility. 

Ruth brings intelligence, humor and connection to any project. With Ruth around, everything just seems to make sense!

Peace. If there is one word that sums up what I have been seeking all my life, it is peace. Does that mean I have always been peaceful? Of course not! I wouldn't be looking for it if I already had it. I used to admire those nurses and midwives that I worked with who emanated an aura of peace and wondered how they did it. Meanwhile I was busy going on peace marches and demonstrations with thousands of other people for CND (the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament). Well I suppose it didn't occur to me when I was 21 that marching through London waving banners and chanting slogans at the top of my voice wasn't the true path of peace. It was an adventure though and something my parents never did! It's also how I ended up at the Glastonbury Festival in 1981 - back then it was more about CND and 'World Peace' than rock music. 

It has all been part of my journey. Even analysing the Bullying Culture within the NHS you can see where I'm coming from. It might be considered naive to some, but I deeply wanted to understand why we don't just all get along. Eventually I came to understand the meaning of Ghandi's famous axiom 'be the change you want to see in the world' (I hadn't heard of that in my CND days). I was in my 40's before I really started working on the inner journey - seeking the place of peace within. I can say that I found it, lost it, found it again, lost it again, and so on. The challenge now, is to make it my permanent home, live there, and move through the world at peace, no matter what happens.

- Ruth Hadikin

Why The Bullying Culture? In 1995 Nursing Times invited Ruth to write an article about why morale was so low in Midwifery. This article evolved into two research projects and a book: The Bullying Culture! One simple question had tapped right into Ruth's passion for exploring 'why we don't all get along'. How is it that people are unhappy at work, or anywhere else? Her gifts of being able to perceive what is relevant in any issue leads her to answer questions in an intelligent, practical and especially grounded manner. World Peace might seem like a "fluffy hippy" issue, but Ruth's answers are very sensible, realistic, practical and down-to-earth. Compassion strikes at the core of our existence and is fundamental to our survival as a species.

Why Soul Astrology? Because it can indicate why we are here. It brings this same intelligence, practicality and groundedness to our search for purpose and the meaning of life. 

Ask Ruth why you are here, and she will give you an equally intelligent, practical, grounded answer that is unique and relevant to you. She will look at the patterns of your life and tell you what stands out as significant. 

Ruth takes seemingly disparate and unrelated information, connects the dots, weaves it all together and anchors it - making it relevant and meaningful. This is because there actually is an underlying pattern to your Life. There really is an underlying pattern to the Universe. Everything is unfolding perfectly, like a finely-tuned Swiss clock, it is only our inability to see the connections that prevents us from knowing this. When Ruth connects the dots, you see the significant patterns unfolding in your own life. Your Greatest Adventure unfolds before your eyes.

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