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Learn the unique keys that unlock your life purpose 

with Soul Astrology

With Soul Astrology your personal horoscope shows the energy you were born with and how it wants to be expressed through your unique soul path and life purpose. 

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In a personal soul astrology consultation Ruth uses the information in your horoscope (your astrological signs, planets and houses) to determine your Soul Path and Life Purpose.  With a soul astrology report or consultation as your ‘base camp’ you have important information at your fingertips, to help you navigate Life’s Greatest Adventure: your own personal journey of Self-exploration!


Life's greatest adventure is the journey of your Soul. It is a journey of self-exploration, leading to Self-discovery.  Soul Astrologer Ruth Hadikin specializes in supporting you on your own greatest adventure: using Soul Astrology to explore your Soul Path and Life Purpose.

Ruth Hadikin is a guest blogger at She is an esoteric astrologer writing on Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness. It always seems like a good idea to include an uplifting view, and she writes: “The fully integrated Aquarian Soul knows that the way to flow the energy of love and life is through skillful use of the mind; that mental energy is not meant to be wasted as we currently do in petty conflicts or the pursuit of mental games to amuse the ego, but that our mind is meant to be a focused vehicle for the influx of spiritual energy.” 

- Mary Plumb, Mountain Astrologer

The key to discovering your passion and purpose is self-exploration, which leads you on life's great adventure to discover your own hidden treasure: your unique Soul path…

On a great adventure every explorer needs: 

  • A map and compass to navigate 
  • Supplies to sustain us on our journey, and 
  • An experienced guide

inner treasure map3

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. 

Without them humanity cannot survive.

- HH XIV Dalai Lama 

On your greatest adventure:  

  • Your personal horoscope is both the map of your Soul Astrology and a compass that helps you align with your Soul Path and Life Purpose
  • Techniques that cultivate your inner qualities (emotional intelligence, resilience, love and compassion) will sustain you, and 
  • An experienced coach who knows the territory is an invaluable guide.

"Tracking the trail of soul seeds planted through lifetimes waiting to bloom with the right causes and conditions, is the mystery and wonder of it all. Living in the awe of this idea causes one to relish in the richness of a life, guided from the energetic influences of something greater. Ruth Hadikin is like an archaeologist for the Soul, excavating precious tell-tale seeds of where you have been, and where you just might be going." 

- Anya Sophia Mann, Visionary Intuitive Consultant

For previous generations, the greatest adventure was exploring, discovering and mapping the unknown territories of the outer world. For us, and for future generations, the greatest adventure is exploring, discovering and mapping the unknown territories of our inner world.

"It is possible to travel the whole world in search of one who is more worthy of compassion than oneself. 

No such person can be found."

- The Buddha

Your Purpose - Your Passion - Your Soul Path: Why Ruth?

You have a unique dharma,  which is your Divine purpose. It is what you are here to contribute in this lifetime.  It is the unique expression of your purest essence, your Soul. It is the fruit of what you are here to heal and learn, and it is a Divine expression of who you really are.

Whether reflecting on the past or imagining your future, Ruth has the unique ability to highlight the trajectory of the Soul's path bringing it to your present moment awareness. With clarity and insight she is able to guide you toward the teachings from the lessons you are here to learn in this life, light up your path and make sense of it.

Ruth is able to pull in what appear to be disconnected, disparate, threads of information, weave them all together into one cohesive whole, and then make sense of it all by relating it to your life purpose and Soul path. 

Passion is your heart's desire. The word passion is connected with compassion, which is Divine Energy in action. You have a stream of Divine Energy flowing through you that, when you allow it, is expressed into the world as your passion. When you are in your passion you are tapped into your Soul and  flowing Divine Energy into the world through your heart. This is how your passion transforms into compassion.

When it comes to your own life all the seemingly disconnected pieces come together, like a precision Swiss clock, and make perfect sense in the context of your Soul's journey. Your passion is the fuel to living your life on purpose in accord with your Soul path.

Your  Soul  is your essence. It is the blueprint of your highest self that contains all your past experiences and future potential. It carries a unique vibration wanting to be expressed into the world, through YOU.

As an experienced guide, Ruth has tools for mapping different points on your journey. She guides you in determining your purpose and passion for yourself, mapping your Soul's path through your unique horoscope and Soul Astrology.

Life's Greatest Adventure is YOUR own journey of Self-exploration!

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